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A Message from Dr. David Villarreal

Your teeth are important. That is why I created the exclusive formula found only in Estrella All-Natural Whitening Dental Products with HerbalBriteTM.

I invite you to browse our site, learn about our products, and buy them online. Research shows Organic Ingredients, Essential Oils, and Natural Botanicals make a difference when it comes to cleaning your teeth and maintaining fresh breath.

All our products are bio-degradable, fluoride-free, and sodium laurly sulfate-free with no artificial chemicals, flavorings, preservatives, or animal ingredients.

I am proud to offer our customers an all-natural line of products they feel good about. Just read our customer reviews and try Estrella for yourself. I look forward to hearing reading your positive feedback!

- Dr. David Villarreal

About Dr. David Villarreal

Dr. David Villarreal is a native Southern Californian and a passionate fan of all things natural and organic - just like nature. Dr. Villarreal completed his undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, California, and then completed Dental School at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Villarreal is a bio-compatible aesthetic dentist, practicing his craft since 1992. He spent years studying and working with pure, natural, herbal extracts and remedies which lead to the development of Estrella All-Natural Dental Products. Dr. Villarreal is especially impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of pure, natural essential oils and has continues using them in treating his patients.

The positive results his patients have achieved is absolutely amazing! Dr. Villarreal's patients rave about his pure, natural solution to oral care. Their unique, Essential Oil based cleaning and brightening formula became
HerbalBriteTM and that lead to the birth of Estrella All-Natural Oral Care Products.

Dr. Villarreal is a dedicated dentist for his patients.

To learn more about Dr. Villarreal's holistic approach to Bio-compatible Dentistry, click here!