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Awards and Special Mentions

We have always believed that our pure, natural Estrella All-Natural Oral Care Product line is the finest on the market today. We are so humbly thrilled that others are feeling the same way, particularly those in the industry!

The pure, natural, Estrella All-Natural Product line has won the's 2009 and 2010 Gear Awards' "Great Gear of the Year Award" as well as the Gear Awards' "Top Gear of the Year Award".'s judges are industry professionals from the worlds of trainers, nutritionists, health care practitioners, health food storeowners and more.

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Special Mention

In the March - April issue of Organic Spa Magazine, roving reporter Kevin Raub wrote in an article titled "A Mouthful," where five natural toothpastes were put to the test in "The Green Guy's Grooming Guide."

Kevin Raub is a widely published travel and entertainment journalist and a Contributing Writer at Organic Spa Magazine.

Estrella made it to the top of class, according to Kevin. We were - and still are - excited by his wonderful review!

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